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UnstressYourself.com is one of the web’s largest stress relief resources, according to comScore Media Metrix. Though important to note our content is authored and edited by staff compensated by the Google Adsense advertising.

Indeed, well over 10 million people per year use UnstressYourself.com completely free of charge. This is in line with our overarching mission of helping people live healthier lives. We’re able to create articles, edit content and maintain the site because a small percentage of people opt to use Google Ads on our site.

We’re proud to say we’re one of the most-referenced stress relief sites on the web. Many Wikipedia entries, diet blogs and question-and-answer sites link to us, as do over 100 university websites, including professors who reference us in their research.

Also in alignment with our mission, we give away scholarships of up to $5000 per college student to exceptional men and women majoring in health-related fields.

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As you’ll see, we offer many in-depth stress relief and mental health articles, as well as countless comments and questions from readers just like you. We invite you to comment on any of our articles, and to correct any information that may be wrong. Our staff tries to keep all articles interesting to read, but all above helpful to people with problems caused by stress. Sometimes we miss things, and we love it when readers help us. Please note we do moderate and edit the comments we receive.

Additionally, if you have a question about any of our articles, try posting the question in comments. Unstress Yourself’s readership is incredibly well informed and, if you get a reply, it will be emailed to you.

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