Top 20 Stress Management Activities To Instantly Reduce Stress

Stress Management Activities

Stress is a part of everyday life but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it or live with it all the time. Repeated exposure to stress often leads to high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and depression among other diseases and disorders. You can protect your health from stress-related disorders by doing some simple stress management activities and exercises that can instantly bring down your stress levels and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Learn the Best 20 Stress Management Activities For a Stress-Free You

Here are the best 20 stress management activities that you can do to instantly reduce stress.

Warm-Bath1. Take a Warm Bath
A warm bath preferably one with an essential oil can do wonders for the body. A bath can soothe tense muscle bring about a calmness of mind and act as a natural mood booster as well.

2. Pray
Prayer has the effect of connecting people to a higher positive energy and a deep meditative prayer has the ability to take one’s mind off a stressful situation.

Playing-with-Pet3. Spend time with a Pet
Pets are loving and adorable creatures that can counter the negative effects of stress. Dogs especially can be caring and spontaneous in their affection for you. Cuddle them or take them for a walk and you’ll experience a feel good factor that can take away the blues.

4. Listen to Music
Gentle, relaxing music can help you de-stress because your mind absorbs the music and distracts you from the factors causing the stress.

Write a Journal5. Write a Journal
Write a journal about your experiences and emotions. Better yet, maintain a gratitude journal and write down all the things that you are grateful for everyday. This will help put things in perspective and make you more happy.

6. Get a Hug
Sometimes the simple act of hugging someone can be a de-stressor. Building positive relationships with someone is also a healthy way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Knitting7. Knit or Do an Art Project
Creative activities such as knitting or painting can reduce stress as the rhythmic movement and focus on project at hand can be a powerful distractor from the stressful situation.

8. Listen To Audiobooks
Just like listening to music, listening to an audiobook can also act as a good stress reliever. This is because your mind is focused on what the reader is saying rather than thinking about the stress causing situation.

9. Drink Water
Stress can be dehydrating. That’s why slowly sipping on a big glass of water can be soothing and give the body the ability to react more smoothly to the stress causing situation.

Smoothies10. Make a Smoothie
Superfoods are good stress busters. Make a smoothie with these ingredients and you’re guaranteed to have better sleep, stabile blood sugar and tension relief.

11. Practice Deep Breathing
One of the most effective stress management activities that has been practiced since times past is deep breathing exercises. Mindful breathing has the effect of lowering cortisol levels thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

12. Dance
Dancing is another effective stress reduction activity as the exercise reduces the release of stress causing chemicals in the body.

13. Progressive Relaxation
Progressive relaxation techniques work on tense muscles in the body and get them to relax. At the end of the routine both the body and the mind will find relief.

Hatha Yoga14. Practice Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga makes use of asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation to bring about a healthy body and a clear peaceful mind.

15. Practice Meditation
Sitting in a quiet place and doing an in-depth meditation helps in calming a stressful mind instantly while practicing visualization meditation provides benefits in the long run.

Chamomile oil16. Aromatherapy
Using essential oils such as lavender can bring down the levels of stress and infuse a feel good factor that can do wonders for your stress levels.

17. Laugh Loudly
Laughter they say is the best medicine and a good loud laugh can quickly bring down the stress levels in the body.

18. Drink Tea
Drinking a brew of chamomile tea has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress among people who drink it regularly.

19. Take a Nap
Napping has the effect of reducing the levels of cortisol in the body thereby bringing stress relief.

20. Chew Gum
The act of chewing gum reduces the cortisol levels thereby helping to reduce stress.

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